Monday, May 18, 2009

Writers Block

I have complete and total writers block today. I have stared at this page for quite some time now and I keep wondering if I have anything really relevant to talk about today.
I guess I could tell you about our earthquake on saturday morning. It registered a whopping 3! It happened at 4:08 am and brought me very quickly out of bed. I have never experienced an earthquake before and all I can say is that I was quite scared when it first happened. My hubby and I both thought that we were having a bad thunderstorm due to the windows rattling and the loud sound, even thought the house may have been struck by lightening. When we figured out that that had not happened, we were afraid someone might have run into our house, so we went outside. Nothing! So my hubby decided it had to be an earthquake. I laughed, thinking, an earthquake in VA,,,,,,no way!!!! But sure enough it was true. The epi-center was only about 2 miles from our house. I was SHOCKED!
Well, look at that. I start writing and the block fades away :)


glassidentities said...

I seem to either not be able to come with anything for my blog.. or I have lots of things I want to say.. cant seem to find a happy medium. Living on the west coast we get earthquakes all the time.. some of them can be a bit scary... I am glad we are not in california.. mother nature is pretty powerful. Glad everyone/thing is ok.

Tashina Falene said...

Well, there have been earthquake's in VA, but I didn't feel that one, lol. I have slept them through before though, haha.

I'm not a big fan of writer's block either, but you seem like overcome wonderfully. :)
(following you now, btw. Awesome blog)