Thursday, May 28, 2009

HTML dummy@!

I got this great idea to change up my blog yesterday and have 3 columns. I found the free template (like my old one, just 3 columns instead of 2) and changed it. I lost all of my widgets (sigh) and have been working slowly to re-instate some of those. I didn't like the width of my page, so I started trying to figure out how to change it. I did that successfully, but it didn't change the width of the columns!!!! UGH! My columns are literally on top of each other. I can't figure out how to space them out more. I don't know much about html, only enough to probably have totally screwed up my template at this point. HELP!!!

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glassidentities said...

I so understand that.. I see some people do amazing things with their blogs.. but I try to just leave mine alone.. I am so scared of messing it up! totally cool you are going for it.. amazing thing is there are lots of people out there who i am sure will help if you need it.. things look great to me.