Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Learning how to market myself

I am trying to learn how to market my etsy shop better. I want to drive more traffic there. I would like to know what it is that people want to see. What types of things do they want to buy? I often times wonder if I am the only one who likes the things I make, besides my kids of course. I am trying to branch out to include more womens accessories in my line also. I have made some online contacts that have given me ideas on what to do for womens items and I am currently working on those designs.

Yesterday I took the plunge and went into a new shop that has opened up. I left my card for the owner so that she could see my designs and possibly start carrying my items in her store. I am praying that I will hear back from her.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The rain and the worms that show themselves

It has been raining ALOT in Virginia these past 2 weeks. My husband laughingly says that even the worms are beginning to drown. At my house, I think every worm in the ground is on my sidewalk and driveway. Unfortunately this leads to smooshed worms also YUCK! My 5 yr old daughter finds them quite fascinating though and enjoys watching them slide along. I think about the sweet little Robin who has been showing himself lately around my house. I'm sure its only for the delicassies, but he brings a smile to my face as I hear him singing his sweet song. I'm reminded now that Spring is upon us. I begin feeling myself become lighter, as I enjoy the sunshine more and my time outside. Cabin fever is slipping away now.