Monday, November 17, 2008

Em's big kill!

Yes, my almost 11 year old daughter is a hunter. I'm not sure how this came about honestly. She was always a girly girl growing up, playing with baby dolls and barbies. Then her daddy talked her into going hunting with him and she was hooked. Suddenly there are camo bibs and boots in her room and a hat that says "I do hunt like a girl" emblazoned in pink across the camo. I think back to my younger days and say "maybe she got it from me". Honestly, I remember going hunting with my dad one time and he insisted I should fire my gun. I came home with a sore shoulder and a wrecked self esteem as I distinctly remember seeing that squirrel laugh at me. I think he realized all along he was safe from me. So, obviously she didn't get it from me, but I digress! Last year she shot her first deer on my parents farm. One shot and it went down right where it stood. It was a little doe. This year she had her sights on a buck. I had no doubt that she would succeed in getting her buck this year. Funny thing is, her dad and her both thought this deer was a doe until they got about 5ft from it and it jumped up on them while they were tracking it. Yes, it was a spike! She pounds the air with her fist! She kept the phone hot on their ride home from the farm and called everyone she could think of according to her dad. I am waiting for her with the camera when she gets back. Bundled up in my columbia coat as today it decided to snow. So now I show you the magnificent buck :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family photo!

Convincing my hubby to have his picture taken is kind of like convincing our dog that she doesn't need her chew toy! It ain't happening!!! But last night I was in luck! We were all dressed up, unfortunately to attend the wake of my hubby's best friends grandfather, but dressed up all the same. So I decided to grab the camera for a few quick snaps. Now, all of us are not in any one picture of course because I do not have a tripod, but at least you get the picture :)

The pictures aren't the best in the world, but at least we have some to keep now of most all of us together. Now I'm trying to figure out how to convince him to get a Christmas portrait :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Our little friend has disappeared

I haven't seen the toad since posting his picture the other day. I have to wonder if the cat next door might have found him an irresitible treat. :(

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The visitor in my yard

I find myself chuckling as I write this tonight. My dogs, 2 mini schnauzers, are totally terrified of our visitor! He has been waiting patiently nightly for about a week now on my front sidewalk. He sits there, doesn't say anything and doesn't move. He just watches us as we move around him. I sometimes wonder if he is waiting to be kissed so he can turn into a prince again LOL!

My daughters have enjoyed looking at him. Not exactly a handsome fella, but he looks like he is eating good.

I took the opportunity to take some pictures of my flowers out front also when I took the toads picture. It was night and I used my night flash. It also had just rained. I was impressed with how well these pictures turned out.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All alone today

I dropped Trey off at the sitters this morning at 8:30, trying to prepare myself for the inevitable of returning to work tomorrow. I feel like I am a bad mother for having to work outside of the home. I need to work outside the home to pay the bills though.

Today I am going to occupy some time by working on my website and listing some of the kids outgrown clothing on ebay. I guess I really should be cleaning my house and doing laundry, but they of course will wait patiently on me LOL.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Preparing to return to work

yes, it has been a while since I have written. I am now the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy. Trey was born on July 22 and weighed 7lbs 10oz and was 19 inches long. I am totally in love with him, along with my 2 girls! Our family is now complete. As you can see in this picture, he is not quite sure what he has gotten himself into.

I found myself in the daunting task of having to find a babysitter for my little man, since financially I will have to return to work. I found a young lady who just recently graduated from Virginia Tech. She also has an 8 month old daughter. She will only be keeping Trey, which definitely makes me happy. I know that I will cry when I have to return to work next week though. He has only stayed with her for about 2 hours one day last week by himself. I'm scared about leaving him, angry that I have to return to work, and wishing I could win the lottery! Now is a great time for a plug about my business :) Go to my website and buy bows and headbands so I can afford to stay home with my little man!
I have to return to work on October 1. I am dreading the day. I cry thinking about it. :(

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Memorial Weekend events

We are heading out of town this weekend to spend it at our lake house. I am quite excited to be going, but I think the girls are much more excited than I am at this point. They both are looking forward to fishing since it is still too cold to be able to swim, at least here in central VA anyway.

I have so many things I still need to accomplish before my son arrives, sometime in the next 6-8 weeks. I just shake my head as I think of the things I need to do. My husband is working so many hours right now on the new project his company has that it is making it hard to accomplish much of anything here. Then of course we coach softball for our daughters team, so that takes up a lot of our time too. We are trying to find a dependable contractor currently to finish up the addition to our house so we can start moving the girls into their new bedrooms to make room for their little brother. He will most likely sleep in our room for the first 2-3 months though.

I hope everyone has a blessed and safe Memorial Weekend!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our day at the lake

Today we all got up early and went to our lake house. We are trying to get everything ready for this coming up Memorial Day weekend. We did odd and end things such as cleaning up and laundry. My husband also worked on our boat. He put a new trolling motor on and began working on putting in new fishing seats. We took our girls fishing for a little while also. I wish I had remembered to bring my camera. Lauren, my 4yr old, caught 3 carp and 1 perch with the help of her daddy. My silly dogs both fell into the lake while trying to catch the bait on the fishing line :) It seems they will never learn!

After I put the girls in bed tonight I have a wholesale order of korker bows I need to work on. It takes a long time to prepare the ribbon to make these, but they are by far some of the cutest bows I make.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Getting started on blogging

This is my first attempt at learning the great art of blogging :) . After much thought, I have decided this is something I definitely want to give a try. I have found that somedays I have so much to say, but absolutely no one around who can listen, so this can be my new forum of expression.