Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can't seem to keep up

Do you ever have those days where your mind is going much faster than you can possible go? Kind of like you are in a whirlwind? That's how it has been for the last week for me. In my mind I keep planning all these wonderful things that I can make or do and then realize I don't have the time or the materials to bring them to fruition. It is really annoying. I have tons of supplies at my house, but I sometimes find myself getting bored with the same things. I am looking into expanding my accessories line even more. I want to include more items for teens and adults in my store. What types of things would you, my readers, want to see? I have been making adult necklaces, but all the ones I have made are already sold, so I don't bother taking pictures to list them because often times I don't have the beads to duplicate them with. I try to make as many OOAK items as I can, because I know that we all enjoy being unique.

Send me some comments! What is something you would just love to buy for yourself?!!!


Monika's Gifts Galore said...

Have you thought about destashing some of your surplus materials?

Shanon said...

I have been thinking about that. I have TONS of things I could destash. I need to find the time to take pictures and list them all.

Miranda said...

I am totally into comfy headbands right hair is growing out and at that in between stage..can't pull it back and lots of clips won't hold it so headbands are what I fall back on. :)