Monday, November 17, 2008

Em's big kill!

Yes, my almost 11 year old daughter is a hunter. I'm not sure how this came about honestly. She was always a girly girl growing up, playing with baby dolls and barbies. Then her daddy talked her into going hunting with him and she was hooked. Suddenly there are camo bibs and boots in her room and a hat that says "I do hunt like a girl" emblazoned in pink across the camo. I think back to my younger days and say "maybe she got it from me". Honestly, I remember going hunting with my dad one time and he insisted I should fire my gun. I came home with a sore shoulder and a wrecked self esteem as I distinctly remember seeing that squirrel laugh at me. I think he realized all along he was safe from me. So, obviously she didn't get it from me, but I digress! Last year she shot her first deer on my parents farm. One shot and it went down right where it stood. It was a little doe. This year she had her sights on a buck. I had no doubt that she would succeed in getting her buck this year. Funny thing is, her dad and her both thought this deer was a doe until they got about 5ft from it and it jumped up on them while they were tracking it. Yes, it was a spike! She pounds the air with her fist! She kept the phone hot on their ride home from the farm and called everyone she could think of according to her dad. I am waiting for her with the camera when she gets back. Bundled up in my columbia coat as today it decided to snow. So now I show you the magnificent buck :)